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Argent Global Manager

Argent Global Manager provides web-based access and full control of all Argent AT and Argent XT products. Within the past decade, the web browser has become one of the most popular and functional access devices on the desktop in virtually all business environments. Whether it’s Firefox or Internet Explorer, a web browser is often the very first application opened when a user logs on to their computer each day.

In fact, because Argent Global Manager is fully compatible with all of the award-winning Argent products, customers can now create web-based business views of their entire enterprise.

For a live demo site, visit http://Global.Argent.com

Fully Secure Environment

Argent Global Manager conforms to the security settings within each Argent product, preventing unauthorized access to all Argent solutions.

Increased Flexibility

Web-based access to critical systems and applications results in an unprecedented level of flexibility to manage Argent products.

Increased Control

With virtually all of the functionality of Argent AT built into Argent Global Manager, customers never had so much control over their company’s critical applications.

Ease Of Use

Like all Argent products, Argent Global Manager is inherently easy to use; the web-based architecture makes it even easier.