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Argent Job Scheduler

The days of manually scheduling and managing batch processes are over. Business process automation lowers overall IT costs, ensures application efficiency, enhances IT service, and assists with compliance automation. Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine automate business processes, alert customers via Argent Console when issues occur, and provide Service Level Agreements so that management receives the Business View of IT. Argent Job Scheduler provides a single point of control across all operating systems, applications and databases for Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SCO and iSeries Servers.

Business process automation is simplified with Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine. Installation requires no reboot. Argent Job Scheduler has a comprehensive feature set, including complete forecasting, auditing, calendaring, and failover, as well as job and file dependency support.

World View Web Interface

Argent World View is a Web 2.0 interface for Argent Job Scheduler.

Argent World View integrates Argent Job Scheduler GUI and the Queue Engine functionalities into a single pane of glass.

Once installed, Argent World View can be browsed from anywhere as long as sufficient security and access rights are provided.

For a live demo site, visit http://WorldView.Argent.com

Centralized Job Scheduling

From a central scheduling server, Argent Job Scheduler can submit jobs to an unlimited number of servers where the batch jobs actually execute. All jobs on all servers regardless of platform can be viewed on the central console, which is also web-enabled. Any user – with the appropriate rights – on any workstation or server can view the central job scheduling console. With the powerful filtering capabilities, administrators, operators, and users can quickly and easily obtain customized views of their own jobs. From a central client GUI, jobs can be submitted to an unlimited number of Argent Queue Engine Servers including Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries and other platforms where the batch jobs actually execute.

Queue Priorities: Critical Work Runs First

Up to 256 batch queues can be defined on a server where batch jobs execute. Each queue can have its own execution priority – customers can define one queue for high-priority jobs, another queue for intermediate priority jobs, and a third queue for low-priority jobs. Thus all jobs in the high-priority queue get CPU resources before all jobs in the other two queues. Each batch queue can run almost 33,000 jobs.

Argent Exploits SMP Architecture

Individual queues can be associated with specific processors in an SMP environment. For example, on an 8-way server, CPU-7 can be associated with a queue and the jobs in that queue will only use that processor. This facility gives you the performance of true load balancing, and makes the most of expensive and powerful SMP Servers.

Complete Work Load Balancing

Argent Job Scheduler provides complete server load balancing, whereby a job can be submitted to the server that currently has the lowest CPU load. This enables the most efficient use of hardware resources. Once defined, this load balancing is automatic and requires no manual intervention.

Total Job Dependency Support

Argent Job Scheduler provides full job dependency support so that complex job streams are easily created and managed. Automatic job failure retry permits job streams to restart without manual intervention.

Total File And ODBC Dependency Support

File dependency support enables a job to automatically start executing only after all the files required are present on one or more servers. Argent Job Scheduler also has full file dependency support for files located on FTP sites.

Uniquely Powerful Calendaring

Some businesses may start the fiscal year on July 1st while the U.S. federal government starts its fiscal year on October 1st. Employees may get paid biweekly or on a monthly basis. Regardless of the calendar, Argent Job Scheduler is easily customized to meet specific needs. Argent Job Scheduler is delivered with a number of pre-built calendars that can be customized to meet exact requirements. Creating calendars based upon fiscal years, manufacturing cycles, payroll periods, etc., allows customers the freedom easily to customize the product to best suit their organization.

Alerts You When Jobs Fail

Argent Job Scheduler in conjunction with Argent Console has extensive alerting facilities so the appropriate parties can be alerted when jobs fail. Alerts can be issued via email, alphanumeric pager, SMS, pop-ups, and beeper. Argent Job Scheduler also provides the ability to automatically resubmit failed jobs. Argent Job Scheduler is tightly integrated with Argent Console, resulting in customers benefiting from all the advanced console and alert escalation features of Argent Console when jobs fail.

Full Redundancy

An unlimited number of backup servers can be defined for Argent Job Scheduler so that if the primary job scheduling server fails or it loses its network connection, job scheduling continues on a backup server. Once defined, the failover process is automatic. Once the primary scheduling server is operational again, all processing reverts back to the primary server.


Argent Job Scheduler has a full set of reports, enabling Operations Managers to create reports that run on a daily, weekly, monthly, or on an ad-hoc basis. In addition, projected load reports are also available that enable seeing the CPU and other resources needed to run the day’s jobs.

Uniquely Powerful Simulation

Argent Job Scheduler’s job simulation feature allows the quick simulation of when and how often jobs will run over a period of time. A simulation of a large block of time, such as a full day, can be performed in just seconds since the computer’s time is rapidly incremented.