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Argent WorldView

Argent WorldView is a Web 2.0 product that integrates with all your existing Argent Job Scheduler installations

Argent WorldView serves as a primary web interface for Argent Job Scheduler; here are the benefits:

  • Customers no longer need to login to the server physically, or using remote desktop to see the status of jobs.
  • Overcomes the limitation on the number of users accessing the data through remote desktop
  • Seamlessly integrates the Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine functionalities into a single web console
  • Once installed, Argent WorldView can be browsed literally from anywhere; provided you have sufficient access rights

Supporting Browsers: IE 9 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Supporting Devices: Standard computers, Tablets, Smart phones

For a live demo site, visit http://WorldView.Argent.com